Life Settlement Investment – First Track LLC

Projected Financials:

Proj. IRR: 16-18%

Equity Mult.: 1.75x

Proj. Duration: ~7 Years

Subscription Terms
  • $50,000 Minimum Investment
  • Annual Capital Calls capped at 30% of Initial Investment
  • Projected IRR’s are net of all Management Fees
  • Accredited Investor

Investment Features:

Fifth Act LLC is a close-end life settlement fund for Members seeking diversification through this non-correlated asset class. Fifth Act LLC will target acquisition of Life Settlement policies which meet the financial targets above. We will provide end-to-end portfolio management.
  • Non-correlated to Finacial Markets
  • Fixed Future Investment Value
  • Estimated Multiple on total invested caliptal of 1.75x
    • Total=Initial Investment + Capital Calls
  • Known Cash Flows
  • Diversification
  • Perpetual Opportunity
    • Participate in multiple portfolios
  • Max 30% Cap Calls of initial investment
  •  IRR’s are net Management Fees

Asset Distribution:

Policy maturities are projected to follow a standard bell curve, with the mean duration projected at approximately 4 years. Projected acquisition of ≥ 14 assets within the portfolio.

Policy Distribution Life Settlement investment Fifth Act LLC

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